March 6, 2015

Yell Saccani - b sides

A 5th post about this artist, first because I really dig her work and second because it's her birthday so it's a good opportunity. She goes on and on her singular path, somewhere between Antoine d'Agata and Francesca Woodman, but with less fascination for sex and bleakness than the former and more anger and violence than the latter. Apparently not an easy person (but who cares when the art work is good), she says being peruvian by birth and israeli by force, maybe a part of her difficulty to find her place on earth. Another of her statement is "I come from a place similar to hell and some say i have no soul no photography learning in fact no nothing learning i go with my flow and i listen only to voices in my soul no studio no lights no flash no models no umbrellas not any professional photography toys. Just me on my walls in my tiny home". And at the end, one of the most important photographic "oeuvre" of the times. Who can say better? One of her sites here. Don't take her images without permission, she seems not to like it at all.  

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