April 27, 2015

Deana Lawson - Corporeal

Here a photographer's work (born in 1979) that can gives way to a load of shitty analyses (I read quite a lot about it). For me (but I may be a dumb ignorant) it's only black body individuals captured in various familiar environments giving a sense of intimacy mixed with a certain scenography. Don't really know what it's all about, reminds me the Leslie Krims school (without the provocative strength of this great ancestor) and some more in the late years (particularly in the US where this sort of motionless images is quite trendy for a reason I leave to those who love adding hundred of words to pictures). Her site here. Great series title anyway. 

April 26, 2015

Rik Garrett - Earth Magic

Some more black and white images but totally different style now with this young Chicago-based (but Washington state-born) photographer, apparently aged 38. This series is a must-see for all those who are into some mystic-back-to-mother earth trip crossed with a taste for nude-wild-female-in-the woods, some kind of erotic dryads for gothic folklore. But here the imagery, based on a traditional approach of photography (actually here polaroids it seems,), offers a truly effective and convincing result, maybe more on the erotic than on the mystical level but less than one century after the iconic image of Hedy Lamarr in Ecstasy, it's a welcome addi(c)tion to this fascinating visual universe. The book to buy here. The artist's site there. And as a soundtrack while looking at these picture, nothing best that the music of Kristina Esfandiari aka King Woman and specially this fantastic song called "Dove".

April 19, 2015

Elliott Erwitt - Works

Strange I never posted anything about this great among the great photographs. Born in 1928 (in France actually), he's still among us and here I selected pictures covering an incredibly long period of time (maybe 60 years). What is fascinating is how he did not lose (contrary to many of his pairs) his eye for catching scenes (often funny) that say so much about occidental way of life caught here in its moments of fantasy or pathetic. And the first shots of this series also show that he did not avoid the rude reality of the American society. Quite a shame his wikipedia notice is so short when so many second-order famous people have so long ones. A site here

April 18, 2015

Black Britain - Various pictures

Listening a lot to John Lee Hooker (who was welcomed as a hero in the sixties in UK during the blues-boom) and The Groundhogs (who backed him in many dates of his English tour), I post some great pictures of black people in UK dating from this era. A book as issued in 2012 (here). Don't really know whether all of the above pictures where driven from it but I think most of them are. 

April 16, 2015

Kate T Parker - Children

For a visual relief among the daily horrors, some pictures of children by Kate T Parker, a photographer from Atlanta (ex-athlete it seems). Of course this is not Sally Mann and children are wonderful models that would give talent to anybody, except that most pictures featuring children are paradoxically embarrassing, being treated like kitties more than like human beings. Not here. It's their fantastic strenght of life, contrasted, not faking, totally in what they're doing (being happy or sad, playing or being contemplative) that the woman shows here, a faculty we lose with years. Her site here. Not everything is in the vein of my selection above but you'll find maybe images more to your taste. Yes, a little relief and tonight a specific "pensée" for Chloé, a 9 years little girl kidnapped, raped and slaughtered last wednesday in Calais (more about it here) by what I would hesitate to call "a man", even monster would be too kind for him.