April 6, 2015

Billie Holiday - Colour pictures

100 years ago, the great Billie Holiday came on earth to provide the most moving voice of the history to humanity. I'm a little pompous but how not to be so with such an artist who epitomizes the human and more specifically the female and black conditions across ages. In our subconscious, Billie Holiday images are always in black and white. It's true that most of them are but there are some in colour, of course all from the late years of the singer (the fifties). In the first ones of this post, she seems to be next to us, it's like she could be reconforted, taken in arms, kissed. Listening to her voice while looking at these images is a way to celebrate this anniversary. Below, some more as illustrations of one of the rare (and one of the best) songs she composed. Don't take notice of the stupid and vulgar text that appears on the screen.

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