April 16, 2015

Kate T Parker - Children

For a visual relief among the daily horrors, some pictures of children by Kate T Parker, a photographer from Atlanta (ex-athlete it seems). Of course this is not Sally Mann and children are wonderful models that would give talent to anybody, except that most pictures featuring children are paradoxically embarrassing, being treated like kitties more than like human beings. Not here. It's their fantastic strenght of life, contrasted, not faking, totally in what they're doing (being happy or sad, playing or being contemplative) that the woman shows here, a faculty we lose with years. Her site here. Not everything is in the vein of my selection above but you'll find maybe images more to your taste. Yes, a little relief and tonight a specific "pensée" for Chloé, a 9 years little girl kidnapped, raped and slaughtered last wednesday in Calais (more about it here) by what I would hesitate to call "a man", even monster would be too kind for him. 

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