May 29, 2015

Grae Andresen - Double exposures

This is the first post on this blog about this young male photographer from Detroit but sure it won't be the last since I really really love the way he treats photography, with a shared obsession for what I sometimes call "skinscape", a neologism that is not far from reality, the human body (male and female, what is still more seminal) being considered as landscapes. Male model is the photographer himself. The black and white is maybe a more easy way to reduce erotic load of the images but here it is not only a facility, it really bring something visually strong to the final pictures. I chose for this first post a series with double exposures (actually not all the pictures). Since he often puts male and female bodies bound together by hands or arms, this double exposure technics still increases the effect of dilution of corporal identity. What some of us are searching in sexual relations after all, so it's a true artistic achievement to give to it a visual reality. His tumblr site here

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