May 17, 2015

Jacob Madamour - Acheron

This French photographer (don't know his age but I think he's rather young, actually everybody seems young to me these days) uses an unusually large format for pictures about a sort of home-terror surely expressing a more interior and intimate one. Not visually revolutionary, Jan Saudek was here before, and there's also an Antoine d'Agata flavor in the situations, but I see enough strength and singularity in this work to include it in this blog (not that I say that to be on this blog is to enter some glorious place, it's just that I choose what I think is in agreement with the sort of stuff I consider being Scoptophilia-fitting). I think that what I appreciate the most here is bodies' carnation, drowned in bronze like living statues tormented by inner anguish and despair. It's unreal and realistic when these two qualities usually are not conciliable. But I prefer not to add anything else my English tonight is worse than ever. The photographer's site here

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  1. Amazing collection!
    just found your blog and i cant wait to fully explore

    and id love to know who is behind all this