June 29, 2015

Gerlinde Salentin - Black and white images

Didn't find much about this artist, although she's not a young one (born in 1954) and seems to have quite a notoriety in Germany. No matter after all, the important is the work (l'oeuvre as I prefer to say since working is finally of no importance if the result is an achievement). And here, we have something that provides a strange impression of a mix between traditional painting from ancient masters and experimental contemporary art. Maybe there's a complex semantic in all these images and we look at them without the keys to unlock the meanings, but after all it's the case now for religious paintings of the past and for most of conceptual art of the present, so where's the problem. A site here

June 24, 2015

Nelly's - Acropolis

Tonight I wanted to show solidarity with Greek people (I mean people, not the small greedy and dishonest part of the population) so I decided to post some pictures of a debatable photographer called Elli Sougioultzoglou-Seraidari or more simply Nelly's. Debatable since she was considered by some as a sort of Greek Leni Riefenstahl, and actually knew her and was with her for the filming of the famous (and rather disgusting) Triumph of the Will. But here we are in 1929, and the sort of Ancient Greece imagery she created established a worldwide and national visual paradigm of the Acropolis. What is interesting for this blog, is the way she saw female (and male but the latter is a little bit too previsible) half nudity and gesture. Finally more modern now than it was some years ago. A little virtual booklet here

June 17, 2015

Pep Bonet - Forced identity

Pep Bonet is a Catalan-born  (in 1974) photographer who explores the worst suffering endured by humans all over the world and brings back some of the most hard-to-see imagery that has been produced in the history of photography. This series (from 2008) does not visually belongs to this category, this blog being not the appropriate place for posting documentary pictures of poverty, misery, madness, sorrow, murder and death, but belongs to the usual topic that here we deal with, I mean the incredibly diverse metamorphosis of the human body according to desire, experiences, sexual, social or cultural constraints. This series, shot in Honduras, belongs to the last ones. You can read a statement about it here, but what I find so interesting in the selected pictures above, is what they say about this tryptic I would define as eros meets thanatos meets dereliction. But above all there is a greedy world sacrificing their children to the money and lust gods like 2000 years ago they sacrificed them to their own gods. 

June 13, 2015

Hsieh Chung-Te - Images

I'm not far to think that Hsieh Chung-Te, that I discovered very recently (the ultimate proof I'm a fucking ignorant in photography since it seems he had a strong notoriety even back in the eighties, but I assume that I've no culture in photography), is "d'ores et déjà" among my 5 favorites photographers. These images totally caught me by the eyes (and the balls too), and I was sure they belonged to my inside universe the minute I saw them. I've read a long text about him and written by one of his friends so now I'm a little more aware of who he is but after all the important is his work (in French we say oeuvre and I prefer this latter word since the point is not the work that something has required but the result). He's from Taiwan and his personality is really touching and moving. You can read it here (for French readers only, didn't find it in English). What we understand about him is that life taught him that fear is not, to paraphrase John Cale, man's best friend, but at least man's main companion. His site here

June 4, 2015

Kansuke Yamamoto - Various works


Strange I never posted anything from this notorious Japanese poet and photographer before. It's a welcome rectification of this omission. During his life, Kansuke Yamamoto (1914-1987) provided an incredibly strong imagery of nude female bodies, escaping all narrow categories although incorporating some elements of each one. There's something of academic view of nudity mixed with a naturalistic approach of scenography and a surrealistic flavor surrounding the whole picture, not forgetting this little sadistic thing that Japaneses seem to appreciate so much in their vision of sensuality. But the best is to leave you jump in this singular universe that keeps a vivid modernity when so many photographic works of these ancient years have only historical value.