June 13, 2015

Hsieh Chung-Te - Images

I'm not far to think that Hsieh Chung-Te, that I discovered very recently (the ultimate proof I'm a fucking ignorant in photography since it seems he had a strong notoriety even back in the eighties, but I assume that I've no culture in photography), is "d'ores et déjà" among my 5 favorites photographers. These images totally caught me by the eyes (and the balls too), and I was sure they belonged to my inside universe the minute I saw them. I've read a long text about him and written by one of his friends so now I'm a little more aware of who he is but after all the important is his work (in French we say oeuvre and I prefer this latter word since the point is not the work that something has required but the result). He's from Taiwan and his personality is really touching and moving. You can read it here (for French readers only, didn't find it in English). What we understand about him is that life taught him that fear is not, to paraphrase John Cale, man's best friend, but at least man's main companion. His site here

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