June 17, 2015

Pep Bonet - Forced identity

Pep Bonet is a Catalan-born  (in 1974) photographer who explores the worst suffering endured by humans all over the world and brings back some of the most hard-to-see imagery that has been produced in the history of photography. This series (from 2008) does not visually belongs to this category, this blog being not the appropriate place for posting documentary pictures of poverty, misery, madness, sorrow, murder and death, but belongs to the usual topic that here we deal with, I mean the incredibly diverse metamorphosis of the human body according to desire, experiences, sexual, social or cultural constraints. This series, shot in Honduras, belongs to the last ones. You can read a statement about it here, but what I find so interesting in the selected pictures above, is what they say about this tryptic I would define as eros meets thanatos meets dereliction. But above all there is a greedy world sacrificing their children to the money and lust gods like 2000 years ago they sacrificed them to their own gods. 

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