July 31, 2015

Alec Dawson - Nobody claps anymore

As I wrote in the last post, in the cinematographic domestic style, Alec Dawson is my favorite photographer. Thus I went back to his site to look at his recent work, and found this (once more) fantastic series. Since my English is miserable, I prefer editing his statement. It says all. "The chronic evolution of our lives can generate emotional cancers. In our youth, these cancers are small and neoplastic. For some of us, these small nuisances grow into oppressive and paralyzing monsters. Nobody Claps Anymore is my response to my own emotional cancers: regret, isolation, anxiety, and depression. It is my de facto art therapy.My photographic works are about internal emotional dramas which often reveal themselves in quiet solitary moments in people’s homes. I use cinematic lighting to dramatise these moments". I hope he will go on with this inspiration since I can't get enough of this today's vacuity and unsatisfaction iconography. His site here


  1. sorry to say so, but this is one of a few posts on this blog, that presents PHOTOGRAPHY as it originaly means: picture made with the light

  2. Sorry to say I do not think photography means something unique. Alec Dawson has his style, I like it a lot, but there's plenty other ways to make photography and this is what is so exciting.