July 27, 2015

Dimitris The Athens - Greek Maenads

Don't know much about this photographer ("once again" you surely think). Suppose he's Greek (a good point to my eyes these days) and saw he called himself a photohunter. True he often uses his camera for testimony and iconographic source for some events (see his blog here) but here he's illustrating a greek myth, the maenads. You'll understand what it's all about readning this statement: "MAENADS In Ancient Greek Mythology, the “Maenads”(Greek: μαινάδες, mainádes) were nymphs, the female companions and followers of the god Dionysus, their name literally translates as “raving ones. The word "mainas” (in singular) appears in Homeric texts as a synonym to the word “frenzy”. Indeed, the main characteristic of the Maenads was their ecstatic frenzy where often inspired by Dionysus and through a combination of dancing and drunken intoxication, they would lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly and engage in uncontrolled, hyperactive and beyond logic violent behavior. In Modern day Greece, the Maenads exist and continue to upset…". The illustration is a little bit clean and fashion-oriented in its visual treatment but I find it interesting and strong enough to deserve a post. Always nice to use mythology for photo subject. 

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