July 9, 2015

Elizabeth Grajcarikova - Human body

This young photographer from Slovakia looks like a happy young girl on her facebook page, she could be your girl-next-door, only occupied to dress as fashion dictates, when she's producing an unconfortable photographic work that most of the time, focuses on people in the margins of the normative paths. Either unfortunate mental disabled people sequestrated in squalid asylums or elderly or, like in this series, what we would call fatty and withered bodies. She doesn't bring any novelty in the way to represent this suffering human condition, neither she succeeds in escaping miserabilism or arty posture, but this series on human body had to be in Scoptophilia. The quality of the black and white texture, and the strenght of the models body, make it an unavoidable post. If you want to see more of her work, let's go here

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