July 23, 2015

Marcel Mariën - Various works

Marcel Mariën (1920 - 93) was a Belgian multi-tool artist often classified in surrealism but not sure this sort of classification has any importance and even any usefullness. This post shows a sample of his photographic work across 3 or 4 decades. Rather diverse it's focused on classic female body shape and in this way it's a little bit normative and classical but there's always humour and derision (as it's often the case with Belgians and unfortunately not enough the case with my narrow-arse French pairs and their arrogant and vacuous seriousness) and this iconography is a real libertarian pleasure (a necessity in these times of censorship and regression). Anyway, hope you appreciated and discovered this artist. There's much more to learn about him that this short text so I encourage everyone to search more info about this free spirit. 

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