August 25, 2015

Lauren E. Simonutti - Various works

Lauren Simonutti was born in 1968 and died in 2012, at 44. More than giving the name of the mental illness she was suffering from, I prefer to publish her words: "Over (five) years I have spent alone amidst these 8 rooms, 7 mirrors, 6 clocks, 2 minds and 199 panes of glass. And this is what I saw here. This is what I learned. I figure it could go one of two ways - I will either capture my ascension from madness to as much a level of sanity for which one of my composition could hope, or I will leave a document of it all, in the case that I should lose". It seems she lost but we all lose after all, and the important is what she left, and what she left is a vast series of images, stunningly strong and moving. Echoing Francesca Woodman, this body of work would deserve to be considered as a major photographic work. There are several links of interest, eg. her blogspot blog here, her deviantArt page here and her flickr blog there

August 17, 2015

Fergus Bourke - Various works

A guilty omission that Fergus Bourke was not on Scoptophilia after more than 5 years of existence (can't believe I had the assiduousness to keep on this blog so long). He's an important witness and observator full of empathy for Irish people, and he made exceptionally strong and powerful pictures of children during the 60's, testimony of the great poverty that reigned in this wonderful country where I hope to go back again one day. Unfortunately, there's not much of his work available on the net. Here above are the rares I found. If you want to know more about him, go here. And for more pictures, you'll have to buy the books. 

August 7, 2015

Various - Women and skull

There was quite a time I didn't post some "Women and skull" series. Here a new one with pictures gathered here and there over the last months. No credits since in these "Various" posts, I often forget to note where I found the images and often they come from tumblr blogs where no credit sources are specified (bad habit to my eyes). As before, hope my skull will be used by a woman as a trophee or a sextoy or a decorative object if she prefers, anything but to be forgotten in the ground forever. 

August 2, 2015

Vincent Gouriou - Femen

Two years ago I posted about Vincent Gouriou (here). His new work is about the Femen. I know that their actions are not universally appreciated even in the feminist world. I personally think their action types most of the time miss their target, ruin their message and are counter-productive but I respect their physical involvement, their courage, and finally think they will stay in history as an important movement, not far from the English Suffragettes who burnt churches and savaged shop windows to obtain the right to vote (their action didn't help to obtain this right but history had given them justice). Once again, Vincent Gouriou brings to this portrait project his so special touch, a sort of aura that softens and deepens what usually finishes as a vain exercise. At leat, it's my opinion. The project is still on, so here are the first shots (to be continued). Artist's site here