August 2, 2015

Vincent Gouriou - Femen

Two years ago I posted about Vincent Gouriou (here). His new work is about the Femen. I know that their actions are not universally appreciated even in the feminist world. I personally think their action types most of the time miss their target, ruin their message and are counter-productive but I respect their physical involvement, their courage, and finally think they will stay in history as an important movement, not far from the English Suffragettes who burnt churches and savaged shop windows to obtain the right to vote (their action didn't help to obtain this right but history had given them justice). Once again, Vincent Gouriou brings to this portrait project his so special touch, a sort of aura that softens and deepens what usually finishes as a vain exercise. At leat, it's my opinion. The project is still on, so here are the first shots (to be continued). Artist's site here

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