September 25, 2015

Gyna Bootleg - Performances and studio photographs

After leaving Tinsel Teeth, Stephanie changed her name in Gyna Bootleg and became a lone performer (sometimes with a male or female partner) for rather sick and tense public sessions mixing various strident noises with (most of the times) simulacres of physical or psychic pain, often relative to tortured or stimulated sexual parts, but this is a rather narrow way to describe it (I would be more performing in French surely). Don't understand the meaning of most of it but it reminds me my impression when I first saw some an Ingmar Bergman films called Cries and Whispers, I was 15. Moved and challenged although not really knowing what was going on. She's not the first to do these sorts of things but I can't help to find she's brave and glorious, less arty or freaky than most of her predecessors, often males. And she's less on a sole sexual and feminist arm than the other provocative female performers than preceded here. She sometimes assures the vocals with the band Sire the way she did it with Tinsel Teeth, and maybe this is the way I liked her the best but I'm not a good judge. She had recently to switch from facebook to tumblr cos' of the too-much-for-facebook content of what she posted (not surprising). I added her tumblr (here) on the sites you should see category. Pictures above are derived from it and are my own choice. All are not from performances and are photo shots that fit finally more with the aim of this blog that the stage ones. 

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