September 11, 2015

Ivar Wigan - The Nomadic Suri Tribe

This Scottish photograph belongs more to the press photo genre than anything else, not what's this blog is really about but there's something so special in his work that it fits perfectly well with the current scoptophilian topic of this eSpace. It's like if his models, truly living their own thing (here war), were posing for him, making his series so homogenous and stunningly celebrating the animal strength and beauty of bodies, even here with this tribe who seems to telescope paradise lost and hell found. “I travel to make pictures of rare and special subjects that are sometimes neglected. These images are from December 2014 when I spent a month living with the nomadic Suri tribe on the border between Ethiopia and South Sudan.” Nothing more to add except his recent series on US gangs called The Gods is also of great interest. But the above one is more fascinating. His site here is under construction. 

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