September 9, 2015

Thomas Eakins - Photography


Thomas Eakins (1844 - 1916) is an American painter (more about him here) who, like Bonnard, liked to take pictures, not in so utilitary way than the French painter. Of course the fact they were taken in the late XIXth century gives to most of them the fascinating power they wouldn't have if shot recently, but in this series I must say they can stand for their own merits. Mainly the first one, showing the great poet in his elderly Walt Whitman naked and moving. Moving actually. I added some pictures of him in a more classic posture to show how it was audacious to shoot him in this birthday suit as says the caption of the picture. Naked men and young boys in the country land are finally more provocative now that they would have been between the sixties and 10 years ago. Sad actually. Note that often in the above pictures, Thomas Eakins is one of the models. Sorts of nude selfies. 

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