October 24, 2015

Erwin Blumenfeld - Various works

Erwin Blumenfeld is a well-known German photographer who did most of his career in the US and who doesn't need any biographic introduction here, since wikipedia will do that for you much better than me. Above I gathered some of his pictures that fit well in this blog, not really a fashion-inclined blog as you know. Strange than 5 years after its birth, there are so many notorious photomakers not being in it. Very various styles in the way Blumenfeld shot his models. I love the last one, which is a self-portrait with a woman face between his legs. Not sure this is a woman face picture or a real one or a collage. Very audacious for a man of this era (he died in 1969). PS. The wonderful girl with striped stocking is Leonor Fini. 

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