December 19, 2015

SingleChair - Untitled (2)

More than 3 years ago, I posted a series of raw erotic images (at least many may call it pornographic and even masochistic, self-mutilation-propaganda and whatever else but who cares what it is called) by a mysterious SingleChair (here). Today, a visitor reminded me about it and gave me some info about the photographer (not much actually). I went back on his site and saw it's still active and featuring new material, generally in line with what I selected in the first post. It's maybe a little less rough than it was but I'm not sure the pictures are posted in his blog according to any chronological order. Not sure too there's not some misogynistic background in all this (many would contest this statement but what the hell means this obsession to humiliate, torture and show women genital parts and faces covered in dirt, sperm and saliva?). Why post it you'll say, if this is what I think about it? Do I want to disseminate my sick misogyny through these pictures? I surely don't. Just that there's a stunning strenght in this work that totally transcends this supposed misogyny (cos' after all I'm not sure I'm right seeing misogyny in it) and takes it all to a total apology of flesh, desire and the extreme beauty of bodily fluids of all natures. At least this is my opinion but it's without any importance. His blog here.

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  1. An update for Mr SingleChair - wonderful. I'm not competent to judge whether it's misogynist, nor is anyone but the artist, but there's no denying its power. These very raw images have a definite impact.