January 31, 2016

Ann Liv Young - Performances

Ann Liv Young (actually she's 34), is an American performer who is in the tradition of corporal exhibition with the assumed aim to shock the audience (see her interviews), never hesitating to play with the limits of disgust that the public can tolerate (pee, shit, food, sex of course) and playing badly). I say tradition cos' this is a long history with 70's German stage activist as pioneers of this genre, but since Annie Sprinkles, this is now much more used by women for feminist purposes (or not) and on this blog I try to show the various approaches of this interesting way of putting taboo body parts (more and more with the increased bigotry from various religion revivals) and gestures in the center of the play, a seminal mission of prime importance. Above a selection of (for most of them) high quality images from various performances she did in the last 10 years. Of course I chose the pictures where obscenity is the most pregnant since this is the main topic of this blog. I encourage everyone to go to her site here or facebook page there and try to catch her if she comes near your place. And below some videos to see Ann Liv in action.

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