January 13, 2016

Laurent Benaim - 2015 works

With Patrick Gomme, Laurent Benaïm is one of my favorite photographers, and maybe also one of the most appropriate for his work to appear in (or on?) this blog. Since he's also French, I feel this country is better for photography than for music (and than for a million other things France is not so good it used to be). Laurent Benaïm is, with Antoine d'Agata, one of the rare to have succeeded in introducing the pornography imagery in photography, but in the opposite direction, since his vision of sex is full of joy, happiness, jubilation, nothing in common with the deadly driven d'Agata's one (although d'Agata's approach is respectable and has been lauded previously on this blog). The technical options he chose (I leave to the photo-tech-addicts the comments to explain what's their name) make the images totally easy to see and to show to anyone you want. The hardness of sex is here but it's body's game more than debauchery. Hope that in 2016 he'll provide more and more of these wonderful images. Make you feel less lonely. And each one makes you want to live it. His tumblr site here. His studio site there. A video about him here.  


  1. Well, his images certainly make me smile. It's hard to take them seriously as pornography. Perhaps that's their charm.

  2. Nobody told they were to be taken seriously a pornography. I never want to be part of the porno images I see, most of the time I think it's bleak and give a sordid image of sex. Here I would love to join them. That's the way I think sex should be. But in these fascist times, it's true I'm minority.