February 25, 2016

Daniel D. Teoli Jr. - Bikers' Mardi Gras

Born in 1954 (at least, one photographer who is older than me) in California, Daniel T. Teoli has a passion for people from the margins of our politically correct western society, misery and sex in all their versatility being his main scoptophilian tropism. Great it's also mines (and yours if you come here often). The rest seems so mainstream, so untasty, unexciting, uninteresting. Here is a series called Bikers' Mardi Gras, and the title says it all. Although I'm far from being a bikers aficionado (a bicycle is the most sophisticated 2-wheel vehicle I can climb on), looking at these pictures makes me feel to be part of it. So much unashamed fun in these nude exhibitions is so refreshing in the contemporary prudery. More about this series here. Another post about the 70's work of this great photographer later on this blog. 


  1. You have great taste and an amazing ability to sniff this stuff out. Thanks again for something new (to me at least).

  2. Thx for the comment, I really appreciate. I do my best to bring interesting stuff in line with the main thema of this blog. And not only spreading pictures without citing the authors as unfortunately it's the case on tumblr.