March 26, 2016

Grant Trimble - Personal

This photographer from Florida is so good at capturing women's beauty without being polluted by the classic lecherous look that I first thought he was a woman but he's not. Although his work belong somewhat to the erotic domain, it's very different since his models are here not treated in sexual objects with commodification of their bodies. I'd liked to see more of this kind of nude portraits. Hope he'll go on in this style. The religious symbols (at least catholic) provide a little blasphemy dimension to the images I rather find exhilarating.You can find his site here

March 23, 2016

Grégoire Korganow - Hardcorps

Another post about this French photographer who gave us these late years the splendid Père et fils (Father and son) series previously posted here and which gained a lot of visits on Scoptophilia during the recent years. Today it's a more ancient series called Hardcorps (a pun with "hardcore" since "corps" means "body" in French) in which he followed the shooting of an Amateur X film and had the freedom to photograph models when they were not shooting. There's not much that we learn looking at these pictures, except that on this video, the atmosphere was not very hot and sex and that we hope that sometimes it's better than this (but how to be sure). You can find most of the Korganow's work on his site here but strangely not this series. 

March 21, 2016

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz - Liadland

This is not often that I do it but for this post I will do it: restrained my comment to the bio of the artist. Everything I could add would meaningless. This is the kind of artist for whom I have a total respect and admiration. They are the milestones to which everyone who says he's an artist or a creator should be compared.

"The question of what came first – my political consciousness or my performance in public space – has always been contested. I was born in Israel-Palestine but fled at a young age to the U.S. with my parents in their attempt to escape Israeli military service, war and political persecution. I returned to Israel-Palestine as an adult and lived there for a decisive decade of my life, during which I engulfed myself in political activism. I took part in forming the largest Israeli-Palestinian popular resistance group in the post-Second-Intifada period Anarchists Against the Wall, as well as the first queer community in the Middle East. I also became the first outed sex worker to fight for the rights of sex workers and coined the term ‘sex work’ in Hebrew. In the midst of all of that, I started performing, curating and coordinating performances and performative actions that were deeply rooted and connected to my political reality".

You can read the rest of the bio here.

Some videos of her performances below.

if i can't sell it from liadland on Vimeo.

March 19, 2016

Rosario Gallardo - Blog pictures

Time to post a new series from Rosario Gallardo. If this blog was in French (but I feel so weakly French and loathe them so much that I really prefer to make my blogs in English for the rest of the world) I could write an incredibly long comment to explain why I feel she's so essential in these back-to-prudery times and how she provides a delightful idea of sex in everyday life, of the sensuality of the human body in down-to-earth tasks, and moreover her sense of blasphemy, maybe what's Italians are the best for in the world. You can find her and her Porno Guerrilla (here) on a lot of personal blogs (eg. here and there) and I encourage you to follow her, support her. As she proposes performances (here), you can go to see her and watch some videos on the blogs.