March 19, 2016

Rosario Gallardo - Blog pictures

Time to post a new series from Rosario Gallardo. If this blog was in French (but I feel so weakly French and loathe them so much that I really prefer to make my blogs in English for the rest of the world) I could write an incredibly long comment to explain why I feel she's so essential in these back-to-prudery times and how she provides a delightful idea of sex in everyday life, of the sensuality of the human body in down-to-earth tasks, and moreover her sense of blasphemy, maybe what's Italians are the best for in the world. You can find her and her Porno Guerrilla (here) on a lot of personal blogs (eg. here and there) and I encourage you to follow her, support her. As she proposes performances (here), you can go to see her and watch some videos on the blogs. 

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