March 11, 2016

Stanislas Guigui - Cabaret New Burlesque

Stanislas Guigui is a rather notorious French photographer born in 1969. The statement on his site (here) is that he's an "obsessive photographer of the underworld, of rage and revolt, Stanislas Guigui is permanently moved by the desire of exploring the darkest sides of our societies". Not the only one and not my fave approach of photography (too long to explain here but one day I'll do, although I doubt anyone coming here really cares) but in this series, shot in 2011, and about the Burlesque revival (again, not something I'm really fond of), he succeeds in providing a dynamic and jubilatory atmosphere to the images, celebrating the generous curvy bodies of these stage artists. All in all, a refeshing post in these dark times. More of this series here (but impossible to download the pix). 

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