March 8, 2016

Tilmann Jörg - Nudes

Here a photographer from Germany. In his statement he wrote "I am a photographer located in Frankfurt and I shoot mostly nude art. Sometimes it's only aesthetic or at least inventive". Actually, he shoots mostly self-portraits and apparently his lady, both nude in public places. I wouldn't say that these images are aesthetic or inventive, but that they are an hommage to human nudity, more nudism apology than anything else actually. They make nude body the evident real nature of human, an evidence that social rules have denied and covered with a load of rubbish (prudity, decency, exhibition, sexuality, shame). Not far from being the paradise lost in simple everyday life images. I lost the link to the tumblr blog where I have found them (actually it's here) but here another site, with much less pictures but I don't have better to provide.


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