April 28, 2016

Jesus Llaria - Polaroids

This is maybe the most scoptophilian post since this blog has been created. First because this photographer (I feel guilty not to have discovered him previously), is actually rather obsessed by the pictures of attitudes and body parts that are supposed to be seen only by those we are in intimacy with. The pleasure to see what is not supposed to be seen is not stranger to scoptophilia, it is even in the psychiatric definition. Second because polaroids are not considered noble and so, we are here in a sort of unarty definition of photography, an important part of this blog's option. Third because I like it and it's enough for me. Can't say I know anything about this guy. He seems to be in his 50s and from Spain but it's only a deduction from what I saw here and there. Here his flickr gallery of polaroids. But it's only a small part of his work. More on this blog for sure in a near future. 

1 comment:

  1. Polaroids are making a comeback it seems. Nice work.