April 25, 2016

MyExploring - Various self-portraits

This is a strong aspiration these days: to show oneself in a totally shameless way (not only be nude but also in sexual activity) without losing anonymity, an oxymoron behavior actually but a true need for some (I count myself in also I didn't take the plunge, cos' of the risks linked to my everyday job, not for familiar reasons). Here, an example of someone trying to compose with this difficult equation. I feel that those who know her would easily recognize her on some of the pictures but she may think that the risk is not so high, although in most cliches, she hides (blurs) her face. You may wonder whether the quality of these pictures justifies they are given a post in this blog. I think they deserve it. I selected my fave ones and encourage you to explore MyExploring tumblr blog and notably the #myexploring part of it (here). She helps to introduce the notion of sensuality for bodies that hitherto are still too often constrained to some "special" categories in the porno world and not in the everyday life. 

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