April 3, 2016

Tom Sutherland - Nudes with grave and/or cross

The Canadian Tom Sutherland operates for a long time now (since 1976 it seems, his bio here). Didn't know him. His work is mainly in B&W erotic pictures. Here I chose some shots with grave and/or cross. I recognise being sensitive to the erotic power of this juxtaposition. The eternal Eros & Thanatos couple I suppose. A little trivial but here I show my triviality without any caution. This is even the reason of this blog. When I'll be dead, the ones who think I must be a little bit sick in my head will still be alive and their opinion won't resurrect me, so I tell them to fuck off. Sorry, I went a little bit far from the topic of the day. More of his work here (but you must have a password to enter, silly idea). 

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