May 31, 2016

Kishin Shinoyama - Various works

And now for something completely different as used to say the Month Pythons, with this Japanese photographer born in 1940 and who provided a wide variety of nude bodies in very different scenographies and compositions. He's a well-known artist and it was unfair not to have it in Scoptophilia. Here a selection of the high-definition pictures I found on the net, not to say that they are my faves but I like them all it's true. He faced some troubles in 2008 for shooting nudes in Tokyo in "situation where anyone could see them" (poor viewer, I imagine the psychic trauma, a naked woman). You can read a newspaper article about it here. Didn't find a site that works about him so here an interview for in 2008. 

May 26, 2016

Enki - Couples

Last of my couples series (here with same-sex ones). His name is Enki, he's american, he says his influences are Robert Mapplethorpe and Egon Schiele (there are worst influences), he likes Genesis P-Oridge, that's about all I know about this photographer. I don' t like the fact he marks  in big letters all his pictures with his name and the year it was shot, but that's his choice. Couples are scarce in his work but I chose to select them since I'm not in the classic female body objectisation these days. After all, that's what is most of the nude female models iconography. Not all but most. Here, the pictures do not really have the intimacy qualities of the two previous posts, but the quality of the image compensates this weakness. The deviantArt's page of Enki here

May 22, 2016

Shapes Of Drive - Our photos

Second couple series. Much harder, sexually talking than the previous one. Let's say there are more close-ups and near-anatomic images than the previous couple. Strangely, this leads to a weaker feeling of shared intimacy, maybe because these shots are usually done in porno pictures, although no ambiguity, we're not there in any sort of excitation-target project. But sure that the sexual parts are more the real concern of this couple (not any details about where they're from) than their love affair. Note that what I feel interesting in this (and previous) couple series, is that each member is involved equally. Not here (at least apparently) a male-only project in which the female is only a passive model, an object-reduced body. You can find their tumblr site here but their "Our photos" is included in it there

May 15, 2016

slide-2-unlock - Scenes of a marriage

This is the first of 3 posts about couples. Actually, there is a rather scarcity of photographic projects aiming at building an iconography of physical love between 2 people and here's a very interesting and nice one. There is much more than what is shown. There is the feeling of sharing moments that we usually all live separately, never really knowing how others live them. It's sad not to be able to feel part of humanity (at least the one with whom we have some common cultural features when it comes to modalities of love and sex, a very evolutive behavior) in this domain. This London-based couple provides a really moving, sensual and fascinating series (still going on) and we can't help to hope that their love will not be altered by time and that their partnership will travel through the future. They have a tumblr blog (with all the most explicit images) here, and an Instagram blog (with the usual nipple-free and sex-free pictures) there. The last picture is of course an hommage to Lennon and Yoko.