May 10, 2016

Ana Alvarez-Errecalde - Cesarea and other body variations

Another kind of artist I dig. Born in Argentina (in 1973) and she's currently living in Barcelona, she here explores female bodies as seen when modified by pregnancy, delivery, caesarean or breastfeeding. She can be classified under the feminist banner if you want. There's no underlyning sexual semantics here, as this is often the case when similar bodies are shown by male photographers (often the male partner of the mum). There's also a strong feeling of intergeneration female solidarity. Since she also uses self-portraits (this is her in the one with the placenta on the ground, shot in 2008, the picture was quite famous in Spain it seems), it avoids any sense of model use. Her site here. Quite anoying than in most of ths pictures, there is her name watermarked on them. Usually, this is too much for me and I prefer not to post the images. I do an exception to this rule cos' they deserve it. 

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