May 26, 2016

Enki - Couples

Last of my couples series (here with same-sex ones). His name is Enki, he's american, he says his influences are Robert Mapplethorpe and Egon Schiele (there are worst influences), he likes Genesis P-Oridge, that's about all I know about this photographer. I don' t like the fact he marks  in big letters all his pictures with his name and the year it was shot, but that's his choice. Couples are scarce in his work but I chose to select them since I'm not in the classic female body objectisation these days. After all, that's what is most of the nude female models iconography. Not all but most. Here, the pictures do not really have the intimacy qualities of the two previous posts, but the quality of the image compensates this weakness. The deviantArt's page of Enki here

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