May 8, 2016

Jo Jankowski - Suckling years 03 - 13

Not far to be my favourite series of this blog. At least, never a series about mother and child was better to my eyes. Jo Jankowski is in his early 50's, judging by the short bios I could find, and he's German. He's currently living in Berlin with wife and children. I suppose the pictures are his wife and children. The sepia choice, the model body and face contribute to provide the weird feeling that these images were shot during the 30's. Some may even remember Dorothea Lange work about migrants (here). If sensuality, maternity and unformated vision of the female body are gathered somewhere, this is in this wonderful collection. You can find the author's page for any command here, and his site there (and the complete series here).

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  1. Fascinating series. Great work. Thanks for finding all these.