May 22, 2016

Shapes Of Drive - Our photos

Second couple series. Much harder, sexually talking than the previous one. Let's say there are more close-ups and near-anatomic images than the previous couple. Strangely, this leads to a weaker feeling of shared intimacy, maybe because these shots are usually done in porno pictures, although no ambiguity, we're not there in any sort of excitation-target project. But sure that the sexual parts are more the real concern of this couple (not any details about where they're from) than their love affair. Note that what I feel interesting in this (and previous) couple series, is that each member is involved equally. Not here (at least apparently) a male-only project in which the female is only a passive model, an object-reduced body. You can find their tumblr site here but their "Our photos" is included in it there

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  1. J'ai les mêmes à la maison, elles auraient eu leur place ici.