May 2, 2016

Yura Kurnosov - Black and white nudes

Yura Kurnosov is a Russian male photographer living in Moskow (see a short interview here). Don't know his age but after all who cares. He says he likes black and white pictures and he sure knows how to deal with it, looking at his work tells it all. There's in it this little something that we can only find in Eastern photography.  Is it linked to the models or the technical options of the photography I don't know but it's always less "erotic" and more "sensual" than the same nude portraits from all over the rest of the world. More personal and less professional (bad acception of the term). But it's my modest opinion and I've got no serious elements in favour of it except my limbic system. A site here and another there. PS. I've added a black vigneting, what I rarely do but here I felt the need to do it.

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