June 26, 2016

Selina Mayer - Various works

Selina Mayer is a young London-based photographer (probably born in England but I didn't find this info anywhere). She's shooting  mostly in black and white and nude models, either in the intimacy of a studio or in various landscapes. I don't like everything, often it's a little bit too middle of the road for me, but here I selected some pictures I really dig. The influences are sometimes a little bit too obvious (for example Francesca Woodman) but all in all, it's good work. Note that some of these images are self-portraits. You can find her tumblr blog here and her site there

June 25, 2016

Natali Cohen Vaxberg - The most hated woman in Israel

More and more female performers are using their bodies for transmitting messages and making their contemporaries facing the ugly face of volontary slavery, of norms, of alienation. Recently, I posted about Gyna Bootleg, Ann Liv Young and Lena Marquise (from US) and Rosario Gallardo (from Italy). But the bravest are Liad Hussein Kantorowicz and Natali Cohen Vaxberg (tonight's post) since their provocative work is done in Israel (but I'll add some other female artists/performers/political activist in Arab countries soon). They push the boundaries far outside what is commonly accepted and they are the proudness of humanity. Whatever I may think about their way of acting, I erase my critic sense and feel supportive. Here I post some pictures of NCV but she's mainly a video performer (although her videos are sometimes deleted due to censorship) so I add below some videos from which the pictures were taken. Initially she was writing plays but no theatre wanted to play them or only shortly before being censored. So she concentrated on videos, still a space of freedom (but for how long?). Her most recent provocative work was "Shit instead of blood" where she joyfully pooped on several national flags, Israel's one included, which led us in jail. You can see some of her videos here.
Shit instead of blood from Yael Alon on Vimeo.

June 22, 2016

Oliver Rath - Various

Too long I hadn't posted something by Oliver Rath. I love the vitality, the freedom, the funny transgressive approach of his work. It's hedonism first, and moral last. This 38 yrs old German photographer is one of the most interesting of his generation for sure. Vulgarity and obscenity gain with him the stature of timeless cardinal virtues. We need more like him. He's not alone but the more there will be, the more this world will be sane and pleasant to live in. His site (here) is full of other great images. Here my selection of recent (at least I think they are recent) black and white shots. Previous posts here

June 20, 2016

Paul Sixta - Portraits

Paul Sixta is from Netherland and is 37 years old. Among his various projects (his site here), there are some nude black and white portraits such as these ones. Most of the models (surely not professional) are males and that's a welcome change in this area of images where females are the majority. Personally I also appreciate more female than male bodies but there's no reason that one gender should be so overrepresented. Nothing sexual or even sensual in these images. No, only the natural reality of nudity. In these times where using bodies as a material to pierce, suspend, tattoo, scarify and so much more is a new fashion, it's, for someone like me, a way to celebrate the body as nature gave it to us. I must be an old fool and a passeist. Surely. I don't care.