June 6, 2016

Mark Morrisroe - Photographies

Born in 1959 and killed by AIDS in 1989 as so many (too many) young artists in the eighties, Mark Morrisroe is the archetype of the sex and drug and rock'n' roll hero. I do not judge this way of living, everyone lives how he can manage this weird thing we briefly experiment and that is called existence, but what I dislike is the way so many live through them a dangerous and marginal life without the danger and often with the reward and vampire-like benefit to study, admire or only love them. Not sure I can translate what I mean in English but I hope the rare ones who spent some time reading have understood my point of view. So now, back to Mark Morrisroe. His photo style was rather rude and crude, but with a sense of dandyism and a true sensuality. It would have been a shame not to have it on Scoptophilia. A site here

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