June 20, 2016

Paul Sixta - Portraits

Paul Sixta is from Netherland and is 37 years old. Among his various projects (his site here), there are some nude black and white portraits such as these ones. Most of the models (surely not professional) are males and that's a welcome change in this area of images where females are the majority. Personally I also appreciate more female than male bodies but there's no reason that one gender should be so overrepresented. Nothing sexual or even sensual in these images. No, only the natural reality of nudity. In these times where using bodies as a material to pierce, suspend, tattoo, scarify and so much more is a new fashion, it's, for someone like me, a way to celebrate the body as nature gave it to us. I must be an old fool and a passeist. Surely. I don't care. 

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