July 31, 2016

More than 3 millions Scoptophilian pages viewed - Skulls and nude women to celebrate it

The title says it all. To celebrate this, some skulls and nude ladies and black mass ceremonies as I know many of you like so much. This project was finally not so doomed to fail and to stay confidential as many, including me, thought when it was created. True that writing it in English was the reason it's a success since French (I'm one) represent a minority of visitors and it's not really surprising (too long to explain). Don't know if this blog, that is 6 years old now, will be here in 6 years, but if I'm still in this world (I mean alive and not reduced in carbon atoms), I promise to try to keep it alive cos there is still so much to show and see for scoptophilians like you... and me. And fuck to censorship, bigotry, prudery... 

July 12, 2016

Brittany Markert - In rooms

Brittany Markert (born in 1987) is presently one of my fave photographers. There's a strong Francesca Woodman influence in her work, but she's more varied in her style and seems less conceptual and more spontaneous (and surely with less inner-suffering although we can't never be sure). I already posted twice about her (here) but only her black and white pictures. Sad since she's very good with colour too, so I post tonight this great selection, more or less around darkness, hotel and sex. I think these are 3 interesting ingredients to produce a great series. You can see more of her here or there

July 9, 2016

Luca Rubbi - Creatures and Strange Love

Let's get back to some erotic stuff after all these posts with performances, self-portraits or concepts. Here we are in the classic (eternal?) use of women as objects of fascination, desire, even obsession, mainly sexual of course, some of their body parts (tits, vulva, feet, butt) being for males an infinite source of scoptophilian contemplation. Of course, this is formatted by a cultural background, nothing natural here, and maybe we could wish that there is some evolution (different body shapes than the usual ones considered as exclusively sexy, reciprocal fascination of women for men's bodies...) but this would be hypocrisy not to post such images because it's not politically correct. Moreover in my selection, I feel the mainstream erotism is transgressed with open vulva, pee, anus and apparent (but maybe fake who can be sure) pleasure of the models to show their intimacy. Luca Rubbi (self-portrait in the first image, for presentation) is Italian and I don't know much about him, most of info being in Italian and I don't speak this nice language. I don't like everything, and most of his shots are too much repetitive erotic-routine-as-usual, but there are some black and white images that really reach high level of visual power and even excitation. If you want to see more from him you have the choice here (site) or there (blog). There are books too of course, this type of picture having a strong commercial strength. 

July 8, 2016

Deborah De Robertis - Various performances

Another female performer in her thirties (born in 1984 in Luxembourg), using her body as a vehicle for an artistic message about the current state of normative representation of  feminity. Of course most of us (I include me in it too) can't see how we are formatted by our cultural conditioning to consider girls/women/females with special invisible brain glasses that lead us to imagine there are objective reasons for things to be the way they are. For exemple that it's normal that we admire female bodies in painting and rarely male ones. Or that admiring female bodies in painting is an objectization (a reification) of the human body and the mandatory determinant of what is beauty, what is ugly, and even that there is beauty and ugly in bodies (it could be only a "I like" or "I feel desire for" and not "it's" this or that). Moreover, she deconstructs the relation of what is viewed and who views. Here a selection of 4 performances she did in the late years based around 4 works: the Kupka's "Gallien girl" (some days ago) at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Courbet's "Origin of the world" (not sure the title was by Courbet but anyway let's call it that way) at the Louvre in Paris, the Manet's "Olympia" at the Orsay Museum in Paris, and the Bettina Rheims portrait of Monica Belluci with pasta and tomato sauce, at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris.

Deborah-de-Robertis-extrait from Ontheart on Vimeo.