July 6, 2016

Fabio & Macintyre - Monkey Sapiens

The only thing I know about this photographer (that I initially imagined being 2, he and she) is this statement found here “My name is Fabio. I was born in Argentina but have resided in Barcelona since 2003. I work independently as a photographer and am self-taught. These photos, of both an allegorical and metaphorical nature, are part of a personal diary, and relevant to our time. They are based on cultural ideas and concepts which were established in order to shape mankind’s way of life". Honestly it's OK for me as a comment of the selection of images above. I find a certain echo in this work with Ren Hang (here) and also others I forgot (sorry, I don't remember everyone I post, I'm getting old and my memory's flying away the cage of my brain like a free bird now). Anyway, you can follow him on his flickr (here) or tumbr (there) blogs. 

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