July 9, 2016

Luca Rubbi - Creatures and Strange Love

Let's get back to some erotic stuff after all these posts with performances, self-portraits or concepts. Here we are in the classic (eternal?) use of women as objects of fascination, desire, even obsession, mainly sexual of course, some of their body parts (tits, vulva, feet, butt) being for males an infinite source of scoptophilian contemplation. Of course, this is formatted by a cultural background, nothing natural here, and maybe we could wish that there is some evolution (different body shapes than the usual ones considered as exclusively sexy, reciprocal fascination of women for men's bodies...) but this would be hypocrisy not to post such images because it's not politically correct. Moreover in my selection, I feel the mainstream erotism is transgressed with open vulva, pee, anus and apparent (but maybe fake who can be sure) pleasure of the models to show their intimacy. Luca Rubbi (self-portrait in the first image, for presentation) is Italian and I don't know much about him, most of info being in Italian and I don't speak this nice language. I don't like everything, and most of his shots are too much repetitive erotic-routine-as-usual, but there are some black and white images that really reach high level of visual power and even excitation. If you want to see more from him you have the choice here (site) or there (blog). There are books too of course, this type of picture having a strong commercial strength. 


  1. Whoa.

    'the more you shall honor Me,
    the more I shall bless you'
    -the Infant Jesus of Prague

    Jesus, have mercy on our souls.