July 3, 2016

Milo Moiré - Various performances

My English is not good enough to make a long statement about this other female performer who raises much aggressivity against her, notably for her performances being "silly", "gratuitous", "pornographic", "desperate" (in pretending to be art). Nothing new. The classic normative, prude and reactionary view of those who think they know what's art and what's not. It's all the more stupid that performers like Milo Moiré do not place their performance on the level of this sterile debate. Their actions are motivated by an inner strength leading them to use their body in such a way they feel they can express something important. Far from the boring conceptual art, these performances are certainly archaique as is the first brain level, but much stronger than when the cognitive part takes control. Finally, I did much longer than I thought I would do. Here above some pictures from her performances. She had to face several arrestations by the police but hitherto nothing serious I think. I forgot to specify she's from Switzerland but works in Germany (Düsseldorf)

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