July 31, 2016

More than 3 millions Scoptophilian pages viewed - Skulls and nude women to celebrate it

The title says it all. To celebrate this, some skulls and nude ladies and black mass ceremonies as I know many of you like so much. This project was finally not so doomed to fail and to stay confidential as many, including me, thought when it was created. True that writing it in English was the reason it's a success since French (I'm one) represent a minority of visitors and it's not really surprising (too long to explain). Don't know if this blog, that is 6 years old now, will be here in 6 years, but if I'm still in this world (I mean alive and not reduced in carbon atoms), I promise to try to keep it alive cos there is still so much to show and see for scoptophilians like you... and me. And fuck to censorship, bigotry, prudery...