August 31, 2016

Laurent Robillard - Mâles / Femelles

It's a complete mystery why I was not aware of the existence of this French photographer earlier, although his work has so much to do with the Scoptophilia visual philosophy. Maybe because I'm an autodidact, self-educated in photography and I surely ignore some very important image-makers in the domain of the body, and more specifically its intimacy. I love the title of the series (male/female) although I don't see much males in it. Since I'm more inclined to be interested in female than male bodies, I can't say I really regret this Robillard's female obsession. What is great in Robillard's work is the fact that he is rather fond of the vulva and includes it in the body landscape more like a prime role than like a hidden treasure as most of his colleagues. Moreover, nobody can deny the diversity of the technics he used so that the black and white images are always exciting either for the mind or for the libido. In these times of religious prudery, this iconography will remain the trace that there were some humans that knew how to adore the body when godlovers despise it, frustrated bigots that insult nature and physiology. Go to hell. Robillard's site here

August 21, 2016

a1 - Aesthetically pleasing

Don't ask who is the guy/lady behind these pictures I have no idea, nor how he/she found his/her models, I found them (the pictures not the models) on a tumblr blog (here) without any details except the two things I wrote in the title of this post. But I must say that I would like to know who he/she is (I would say it's a "he") since a lot of officially established photographers who shoot female nudes and couples in sex action, have not reached this level of quality, strength and such visually interesting heights. Moreover, these pictures are rather exciting and make of the scoptophilian a candidate for action. I have the presomption to think that you share my opinion. 

August 18, 2016

Sookie Sirene - New series

A 6th post about this Norwegian artist who reached a weird and stunning height with her self-portraits. If I post this new series it's of course because I like it a lot (and I like it much more than a lot) but also to signal that she was banned from facebook some days ago, and that this web revival of the Hays code is nothing less than appalling for people from my generation who knew the real freedom of showing nudity during the 70's. But I suppose we'll (you'll cos' I've got not so much to live now) have to live with this bigotry now. And maybe things will go worse still in the near future. You can find her work, produced on a constant pace and quality, on her site here and on her tumblr blog here (the best places, without any censorship) and on various other medias such as Instagram (here) or Google+ (there) but with their tits-o-phobia that revolt me so much. Thanx to her for having sent me the totality of the pictures from this series in which I selected a sample of images.