August 4, 2016

dcci -

For some, using our own intimacy for making something that can be considered as an artistic attempt is "exhibition of our private life". So straight and narrow way of seeing things. Scoptophilia is nothing else than about that: seeing intimacy, when intimacy is accepted of course, not stolen. Since blogs and more specifically tumblr (less inclined to censorship than flickr, deviantArt or of course instagram google facebook and their prudishness politics), there is plenty to find and appreciate. Here I pick and post the ones that catch my eyes, my curiosity and sometimes raise my interest and even stimulate my excitation. Tonight (I always post between 22:00 and 02:00 so it's why I usually write "tonight"), I post some pictures by a young tumblr female blogger called dcci. Don't know much about her except she's young and seems to be from New York. I really love the ones with her lover, and this the series I chose to post. But there are much more on her tumblr page here

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