August 31, 2016

Laurent Robillard - Mâles / Femelles

It's a complete mystery why I was not aware of the existence of this French photographer earlier, although his work has so much to do with the Scoptophilia visual philosophy. Maybe because I'm an autodidact, self-educated in photography and I surely ignore some very important image-makers in the domain of the body, and more specifically its intimacy. I love the title of the series (male/female) although I don't see much males in it. Since I'm more inclined to be interested in female than male bodies, I can't say I really regret this Robillard's female obsession. What is great in Robillard's work is the fact that he is rather fond of the vulva and includes it in the body landscape more like a prime role than like a hidden treasure as most of his colleagues. Moreover, nobody can deny the diversity of the technics he used so that the black and white images are always exciting either for the mind or for the libido. In these times of religious prudery, this iconography will remain the trace that there were some humans that knew how to adore the body when godlovers despise it, frustrated bigots that insult nature and physiology. Go to hell. Robillard's site here

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