August 17, 2016

Leon Braeckeveldt - Flesh and Concrete

For once I will use the "About me" statement of this English photographer posted on his Model Mayhem page (here)  since I find it quite factual and much less full of useless conceptual stuff than most of the ones we can find on photographers sites. "Photographer and filmmaker based in Byker, my work utilises cheap, DIY technology, including photocopiers, second-hand analogue cameras, photobooths and mobile phones.I like the immediacy of using inexpensive and obsolete technology. It adds a texture of imperfection which is highly pleasurable. I can then concentrate on working with the subject as I’m freed from worrying about the technical aspects of the equipment.My work has always been influenced by throwaway popular culture: drag queens, muscle magazines, b-movies, comics, vinyl records and anything shiny or covered in fake fur". I'm not sure he's still in activity since there is nothing new on his tumblr blog there for the last 9 months but maybe he doesn't publish it on the web after all. Can't say his work is totally idiosyncrasic and doesn't look similar to many others that try to capture something of the truth  of the flesh. But in the ones I chose there is something that deserves to place them near all the others that were incorporated in this scoptophilian galaxy. 

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