August 6, 2016

Regina Jose Galindo - Obras (2)

A second post, 6 years after the first one (here), about this female performer from Guatemala, providing disturbing performances with much more clear semantics than much of the other similar European or North American artists. Her obsession with the fact that each living body is a future dead corpse that will return to earth is often stunningly powerful and moving. The assimilation of the body to a rock or earth is a constant preoccupation in her work. However there is always a social message in each of these performances as it can be seen on the video below where she gives some words of explanations for 7 of them. Of course, this is used by the unavoidable art-critics and conceptual gurus that weakens the strength of the projects but how to make them shut-up or disappeared I don't know. Her site here. Below some videos of the above projects.

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