September 30, 2016

Peter Hegre - My Wife

Peter Hegre is a Norwegian erotic photographer and honestly his work belongs to a genre I usually rather despise and consider as sexist with its imagery of perfect plastic nude models supposed to raise desire when it only provides a restricted paradigm of beauty. Anyway, here I post some pictures of a personal project he conducted at the end of the last century (he's born in 1969) with his wife Svanborg, and that resulted in a book called My Wife with about hundreds of pictures. What I like in this series, it's not the nudity or the eroticism but the intimacy emanating from these private shots. The black & white paradoxically accentuates this intimacy (when he ususally works in this glamour coloured tonality that is so desperately associated with vanilla porn or mainstream eroticism). Sad he seems not to have persisted in this way and delivers an awful load of erotic pictures and even sexual tutorials that give a boring image of sex, at least to my eyes. But make your own opinion here... at least if you pay. I'm sure he must have a rather confortable life. Really not my cuppa tea.  

September 27, 2016

Pedro Victor Albaladejo - Various

This Spanish photographer work on nudes belongs to the erotic domain more than the usual approach than I favor on this blog, but in his series, I found some cliches I found interesting enough to feature on Scoptophilia without breaking the rules cos' actually there are no rules and I may one day post only dressed elderly or the most extreme porn if I was feeling inclined to. If you go to his blog dedicated to nudity (here), you will surely be a little disapointed except if young female modeles with a perfect plastic are your cuppa tea and that you feel excited or enjoyed by their exhibition. In the ones I selected, it's the atmosphere that he creates that I appreciate. He should do more like this.  

September 25, 2016

Mandy Torres - Various

Mandy Torres (Amanda her real surname) is a young artist living in Louisiana (I love this place, I wish I could go back there sometimes) and here providing a very interesting iconography of nudes in naturalistic environments that gives the feeling not to be watchers only but in the place with the model. Everything seems so "amateur" at first glance, but actually there's always something that confirms that it's an artistic approach, and not only a testimony of a moment to remember as we all do when we took pictures in our life. Moreover, males and females are equally represented, which is a fine relief compared to most of the other nude iconographies. Strangely, it's closer to some asiatic and indian ways to consider photography than american's, and that's what makes her work important to feature on scoptophilia. Her tumblr site here. She's also on Instagram (there) but too much censorship to be the first choice to follow her. 

September 16, 2016

Raul Dap - Various

Most of you will surely think that this Spanish photographer (from Valencia) belongs more to erotic and porn than to art and maybe you're right. This feeling is enhanced by the fact that on his tumblr blog (here), he asks 53 € to provide all the pictures, not dissimilar to the sites that speculate on female nudity, even it models have surely been paid for their body to be used. But what I like in this work is the naturalistic and rather joyful atmosphere that it carries, and moreover the transgressive pictures with vulva largely exhibited or mixed with religious objects, not really your usual erotic or porn visual sustenance. He shot thousands of pictures (189 pages of blogs with 12 pictures by page even when you're not a member) and I didn't have the patience to look at all of them but I entered some tags in the researcher engine of his blog and I finally selected the ones I found the most interesting, intriguing, shocking or exciting. It's up to you to decide whether you agree or not. Note that his work is not focused on sex and here you'll have more precisions about all his activities (my google translater didn't accept to translate so impossible to read the texts).